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Quick Resolution for Insurance Claims in Greater Victoria

Tomahawk Tree Service Ltd. provides support services for insurance claims in Greater Victoria. We help you with claims involving trees that have sustained weather, or accident-related damage or have caused damage to property. Insurance claims cover services such as tree and debris removal, tree claim estimates, cause of loss reports and replacement cost estimates. We work closely with you and your insurance agent or company to help you arrive at a quick resolution of your claim and to get your property back to normal.


Our team of qualified experts have vast experience in claiming losses associated with damaged trees on properties. Besides assisting you with the claims process, we do everything we can to accelerate recovery efforts and minimize lost revenue. Please feel free to contact us for more information, or to discuss any other specific requirement.

Greater Victoria’s Dangerous Tree Experts

Since 1986, we have been keeping people and property safe by removing dangerous trees.


Fast and Efficient
“Best service, work complete within 1 hour
My drine was stuck on the tree.
Aaron came for help and climb 60 ft tree, did his job in 5 minutes.
Thank you buddy for your great work.”
- Jashan D.

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