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Our Tree Service Equipment to Serve the Greater Victoria Clients

Tomahawk Tree Service Ltd. has a very versatile array of tree service equipment to cater to the Greater Victoria client’s tree care needs.

Our equipment includes 3 
aerial lift trucks, 4 chippers, multiple pick up/dump trucks and more. Our 2 aerial trucks are used for those hard to reach areas, mainly the exterior of the trees canopy. We also have 4 chippers, from medium capacity to extremely large capacity (whole tree chippers). Our large capacity 18-yard chip truck maximizes efficiency for our clients by keeping the truck on-site longer, preventing lost time by the truck leaving to wood recycling/compost depot.


We also have multiple pick up/dump trucks, dump trailers and a bobcat to get into tight locations to remove firewood and help with the heavy lifting. We also can mill lumber for our clients depending on the logistics involved. We also offer stump grinding services upon request. Contact us today!

Tree Removal Equipment

We use a reliable fleet of equipment to ensure the work is completed efficiently, reliably and the safest possible way.


Fast and Efficient
“Best service, work complete within 1 hour
My drine was stuck on the tree.
Aaron came for help and climb 60 ft tree, did his job in 5 minutes.
Thank you buddy for your great work.”
- Jashan D.

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