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Consulting Arborist Services:

Comprehensive Tree Health Reports

Tree Care & Tree Removal Services



Need a Consulting Arborist Report?

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  • Diagnostic Testing: Expert analysis to identify tree health issues.

  • Appraisal of Trees and Landscaping: Professional assessment of trees and overall landscaping.

  • Tree Assessment and Advice: In-depth evaluations and expert advice on tree care.

  • Assessment of Risks and Hazards: Identifying potential risks and suggesting mitigation strategies.

  • Treatment Advice for Pest and Disease Problems: Recommending effective solutions for pest and disease control.

  • Arboricultural Inventories: Comprehensive surveys and inventories of trees.

  • Tree Protection Advice: Strategies to protect trees during construction or development.

  • Supervision of Work Near Trees: Ensuring safe practices during construction activities near trees.

  • Root Mapping: Mapping tree root systems for informed decision-making.

  • Deep Root Fertilization

  • Land Planning Advice: Expert advice for integrating trees into land development projects.

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Ray Praud

Certified Utility Arborist: 19-TT-20

ISA/TRAQ Certified Arborist- PN-9461A

Wildlife Danger Tree Assessor: 8302

Ray is a local Vancouver island born and raised arborist.


Effective father of two residing in Sooke. His love for trees and working outside blossomed at a young age cutting firewood to heat the family home.


His Career began as a Utility Arborist, and shortly thereafter furthered his skills by challenging and acquiring his bucking and falling endorsement, S-100 wild land fire suppression, wildfire danger tree assessor, as well as becoming a I.S.A certified Arborist and Certified Tree Risk Assessor.


Having the experience and knowledge of doing the actual mechanics of Arboriculture and the education necessary, he truly does bring a unique and very well rounded expertise to any project.

Contact Us

Whether it’s a small job or a large commercial project we are committed to exceeding our client’s expectations and helping with insight into the various permit/bylaw requirements that vary between municipalities. Please call us for a free estimate by one of our certified arborists to discuss your project today.


Certified Tree Risk Assessor

Drought has caused many species of trees to be stressed and become dangerous. Contact us for a risk analysis report of  dangerous trees on your property or project.

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ISA/ TRAQ Certified Arborist

Certified Arborist providing diagnosis of tree related illnesses, and state of tree health

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S-100 wild land fire suppression

Protect your property from wildfires.  We will asses your risks and provided a report.

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Wildlife Danger Tree Assessor

Identify trees that pose a threat to wildlife habitats or are at risk of falling, endangering both wildlife and human safety.


Fast and Efficient
“Best service, work complete within 1 hour
My drine was stuck on the tree.
Aaron came for help and climb 60 ft tree, did his job in 5 minutes.
Thank you buddy for your great work.”
- Jashan D.

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