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Emergency Services

Reliable 24/7 Tree Services in Greater Victoria

Emergency service is not something everyone will plan on needing. Inclement weather can play havoc with trees, causing broken limbs and other damages that can be dangerous to people. We are experts in the removal of damaged or dangerous trees. Moreover, the emergency response team at Tomahawk Tree Service Ltd. offers 24/7 tree services in Greater Victoria.


Stop Accidents Before They Happen

There are some methods to help us avoid accidents from storm damage. It is a good idea to have your site inspected by one of our certified ISA arborists to ensure your trees remain structurally sound. Our qualified professionals can also monitor soil conditions, as improper saturation is one of the major reasons for tree roots to give way during a storm.

24-hour Response

Our team is always ready to help you. We will assess the situation and provide the correct solution whenever you need us. The experts at Tomahawk Tree Service Ltd. are available round the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you in every possible way. If you require emergency tree removal services, call us.

Greater Victoria’s Dangerous Tree Experts

Since 1986, we have been keeping people and property safe by removing dangerous trees.


Fast and Efficient
“Best service, work complete within 1 hour
My drine was stuck on the tree.
Aaron came for help and climb 60 ft tree, did his job in 5 minutes.
Thank you buddy for your great work.”
- Jashan D.

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