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Reduction & Removal

Tree Removal and Growth Reduction in Greater Victoria

Trees require proper nutrients, space and care to achieve their full potential. Overgrown trees lead to stunting, crowding and other weather-related damages. The team at Tomahawk Tree Service Ltd. has the experience and expertise to advise you regarding the growth and health of your trees. While tree growth is essential, sometimes a tree grows in such a way that it jeopardizes the safety of people and property. Therefore, it must be removed. We are Greater Victoria`s expert team for growth reduction and tree removal services.


Dangerous Tree Removal

Our experienced arborists can effectively evaluate the integrity and position of a tree to determine its risk. If a tree is at high risk, it is probably a good idea to get it removed. We are equipped with all the latest technology and are fully trained to remove dangerous trees in a safe and sustainable way.

Rules and Regulations

Our team is conversant with all rules and regulations related to tree removal in British Columbia and can provide you with proper guidance and information on various types of trees. We can also help you with any permits if you decide to remove one or more trees on your property. Give us a call for more information!

Greater Victoria’s Dangerous Tree Experts

Since 1986, we have been keeping people and property safe by removing dangerous trees.


Fast and Efficient
“Best service, work complete within 1 hour
My drine was stuck on the tree.
Aaron came for help and climb 60 ft tree, did his job in 5 minutes.
Thank you buddy for your great work.”
- Jashan D.

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